Sunday, September 23, 2012


This has been a tough week. This has been a good week. Within the span of one week both cars have broken ( "catastrophic event" was used to describe one), Ralph's computer had a major meltdown (while working on a couple new projects) and my engagement ring cracked. All of this combined is putting our vacation to see Ralph's family in jeopardy.

How has this been a good week? Our Pathways ( has completely surrounded us. Multiple people have offered spare vehicles to make sure I can get to work. Friends brought a mechanic to our home to help and resurrected our Kia. People have stepped up to provide child care so we can get things dealt with and/or work as needed. People have stepped in with so many practical ways and emotionally supportive ways.

We talked about struggle this week and how it's our first core value. We have been in the pangs of struggle this week, however we have not been alone. Our struggle has been eased by allowing others in and to walk with us. Everything is not all better but it is all bearable.

Still hoping that vacation happens. We have a niece to meet and a daughter to introduce. Whatever happens we know God is working, how else do you explain this beautiful community we 're apart of? Nick challenged us to be known by our love and I see that happening.

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  1. Wish I could be there to offer a helping's hard to know you are struggling and be so far away. So, I'll just pray. Love you, my friend and I'm so very grateful for the devoted believers that God has brought into your lives. What a blessing!