Thursday, September 27, 2012


Storie is such a sweet baby. Really, they have all been sweet. She is just my current sweet baby. She is now "mobile." She moves around the room on her back, flopping and thumping across the floor like some kind of fish or crab.

Today she has a cold. At one point, she flopped and thumped over to me, batted at my jeans until I looked at her and then reached for me. I picked her up and we rocked and snuggled. Before I knew it, she had closed her eyes and started singing herself to sleep. She does this often. Either she fusses until I sing her to sleep or she does it herself. She also likes to rock and sway to music-a lot. She reminds me of my sister, Nikki, also a 3rd girl.

My sweet little sickies make it hard to go back to work this weekend. If I could, I'd stay home and rock my sick sweeties all weekend. Ignoring my house much as I am today. We'd watch movies and drink coffee (hypothetically I may occasionally share with my big girls) and snuggle and rock all 3 days.

I am a much better rocker now than I was three years ago. I have more patience for it now. More appreciation for its fleeting time frame.

But, as I am needed to care for other sickies (or new moms and babes), I will leave the snuggling to Daddy and squish in as much as I can today.

Isn't she just precious?!


  1. She is so sweet. Sorry you have to leave them this weekend :( You are an amazingly gifted nurse and someone will be blessed by being in your care...not that that means you will miss them less.

  2. Such a sweet picture....Storie is getting so big.....glad you were able to enjoy some time with the girls before you went back to work.