Saturday, October 20, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Date Night

For the last two years, I have gotten Ralph the same gift for Valentine's day--a year of dates. I get a subscription to The Loving Wives Club. They send me super fun date night ideas complete with themes, ideas and printables. This month was a theme I knew Ralph would love! A Zombie Apocalypse date night.

We started things off with the invitation! I set it up so he found this in the freezer:

Then we had some "brains" for breakfast! 

And listening to this song: 

Wearing purple for date night tonight.  I was bullied incessantly through most of Jr. HS and HS.  It’s not ok. Ever.
Isn't he handsome?!
One of the best parts of this date was getting to order things from Think Geek.We both get ridiculously excited when we see a box arrive from them! So many fun, geeky things in one place! They may or may not play a prominent role in both our Christmas lists and the girls' Christmas lists. The brain mold came from them, as did the box for our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit. That is how we started out our evening--shopping for our survival kit! Where do you go in the PNW to shop for survival gear? 
Our first stop: supplies for the Great Zombie Apocalypse.
REI, of course!
Hmm, which would be the most effective against a close quarter zombie attack?
We had a few dilemmas along the way.

We found a few curious things as well.

Mostly we just had fun being together (and planning what we would do if it was the end of the world)!
Then it was time for dinner! We couldn't find anyone having a Zombie themed dinner night so we settled for Ralph introducing me to a restaurant that is very "us." 13 Coins--amazing food, fantastic atmosphere, and engaging, professional staff.

Such a yummy meal!

Ralph had visions of introducing me to one of his zombie shows after we got home but by the time we picked up the girls and got them all settled in bed at home, we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore. Zombies really aren't my thing but it sure made for a fun date night! We had thought about the Zombie paintball or a haunted hayride or something but we just ran out of time! It's amazing how many fun, unique things you can think to do once you're given a theme to work with. I have some from the summer that I didn't get a chance to implement yet and I can't wait for November's to come! So many fun date night choices.


  1. Too funny! Zombies are not my thing either so I give you a major fist pump for going with the theme! You guys were quite creative!

  2. That freezer hand is gross,hahahaha!! You guys look great and no, no zombies for me either, but fun to see you guys enjoying each others company. I agree with Marisa, way to go!!