Friday, September 21, 2012

Baby Steps

I am going through the Bible study, Unglued by Lysa TerKuerst, with a girlfriend. Lysa talks about making baby steps in your progress. I am slowly, painfully realizing my "ungluedness" is of my own making. My own unrealistic expectations. EVERYTHING cannot get top priority.

Today is cloudy. My first day off. I am babysitting some big kiddos after school and having some new friends over for dinner. My house is clean but fairly cluttered. My fall decorations are not out yet. I am giving myself grace to not panic over this.

Storie is in an outfit a dear frien gave us for Arwen when she was small and I did not have enough warm outfits. This friend has so many strengths I admire that I know she does not see. I am taking the time to be grateful rather than unglued.

The big girls are a bit whiny today. So I made them "aromatherapy" play dough rather than obsess about cleaning up my kitchen. I may or may not allow them to keep their 3 day old hair styles.

Our cars are broken. However, through the generosity of people in our church family Ralph has a car to go get us groceries and a mechanic is making a house call to help us diagnose the issues before we take them in. Feeling grateful rather than panicky. And I'm still praying a way opens for us to keep our October vacation plans. We need some family time.

I am writing this down so that at 5pm I can be reminded to not run around like a chicken with her head cut off screaming like a banshee. Which would only hypothetically happen at this house while getting ready for company. We will eat home made pizza (the priority over the spotless house) and fellowship and make memories. I will joyfully watch my friend's children as she has watches mine and pray for the "sick" child having tests today. I will make my baby steps.

I may or may not blog while rocking my precious baby who is growing far too fast.

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  1. Friend, you are awesome! You never cease to amaze me :). Love and miss you! Wish I was enjoying pizza with you guys tonight. I'll be praying that you are able to travel home in October!
    "Unglued" will most likely be my next study. Doing Beth Moore's study on James. It's fantastic too!