Thursday, February 25, 2010

Homemad Bagels

A couple weeks ago I made homemade bagels and yogurt cheese. It doesn't really go with the traditional cooking I've been learning about but they sure were yummy!! Mine didn't rise quite right but I think that's because I didn't get the water hot enough. The directions used the word "tepid" which made me think I should use cooler water than I normally do when baking with yeast. Instead of hot, I used more lukewarm. I think that was my problem. I will have to make these again. We really enjoyed them! They were funny looking, but yummy tasting!! The yogurt cheese was phenomenal too! I made it from my homemade yogurt and liked it better than cream cheese. I just found a new recipe for yogurt cheese that I'm going to try and compare to this one. I just may need some fresh bagels to do that with. *grin* Sounds like fresh bagels and yogurt cheese are on the menu for the weekend. Yay! Have you found any fun recipes lately?

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