Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Accidentally Productive

Monday I had every intention of not being productive. I had just worked 3-12 hour shifts in a row. Storie, while not a frequent feeder at this moment, still feeds at least once in the middle of the night. I was tired. Ralph and the girls were tired. I decided it was a good day to just forget my to do list.

Then I remembered my 4.5 lbs of Italian prune plums sitting on my table, needing to be used. I remembered my 2 pints of blueberries in the fridge that needed to be used. So I went searching online. I found this Blueberry Plum Butter in the crockpot recipe. I figured I could at least whip together a crockpot recipe. And so I did.

Then I remembered that both my swim suits needed to be washed for my swim class that night. I figured I could at least throw in a load of laundry. And so I did (thought it is not folded or put away).

Then I remembered that we were having LifeGroup at our house on Tuesday and the girls had every toy out down in the play room. I thought, I at least have the energy to pick up all the books so that they didn't get walked on. Then Greer decided to help and I figured I had all the energy I needed to keep picking up as long as she was engaged in the process. And so I did get at least all the books picked plus an extra toy or two.

Then I realized I needed chicken broth for the soup that I would be making for LifeGroup and that I was out. I figured I at least had the energy to through a chicken carcass and some vegetable scraps in my stock pot with some water and let it simmer all day. And so I did.

After my swim class, which ends at 9:45pm, I decided I wanted Plum Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Streusel 
so I threw that together. All I have to do is throw it in the oven in the morning. Yum!

I also did the random act of making all the beds that morning. Not sure why but the last few weeks the unmade beds have been getting on my nerves. It was something Mom always insisted on and that I never liked to do at home. Not surprisingly, I have not kept up with bed making in my own home. Now, on my unproductive day, they are all made.

In the interest of honesty, most of my house is still a mess. The girls need their clothes washed. There is a huge pile of clothes in my living room that need sorted and stored and possible washed/soaked. There is a pile of clothes waiting to be put away in our room. The kitchen is a disaster. Not to mention the many other organizing projects that really need to be accomplished around the house.

It is quite amazing to me what passes for unproductive in my world now that I have children. I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. I think you ended up being very productive. Also, considering you work full time and have 3 kids, you do a great job. How many others have less responsibily than you & choose not to cook from scratch. You do a super job.

  2. love it Stace!! And love the pic. Some days are like that you handled it beautifully!

  3. I've never heard of Italian plums but I've seen all the wonderful things you've been pinning on Pinterest. Sounds like you accomplished much after a grueling work week!