Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Well, we took the opportunity on Labor Day to have a nice relaxing day. I had worked the weekend and Ralph took care of the girls on his own all weekend. We had a lazy morning. Played with the girls. Went for a walk. Put Zita down for a nap. Ate lunch. Then we decided, let's go for a drive!

We took the Mountain Loop Highway for the first time. We have traversed part of it in the past to get to the Ice Caves. This time we took the whole thing! It was awesome! My sisters need to check out the pick near the middle of the collage. That is the view we were missing the day we hiked up there! This was the first time we saw it without cloud cover either! It was breathtaking the whole drive. We found tons of places we would love to go back and camp at.

We ended the day having a late dinner at Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen seems to be our "out-late-driving-late-need-food-to-eat" place to go. Hope you all enjoyed some family time this weekend as well!
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  1. Looks AMAZING!! Great pics.So glad you were able to spend such a fun day