Thursday, September 15, 2011

Our Sweeties

The girls are at such fun ages! Lately we have noticed them actually playing together, Zita has started to interact with Nugget rather than just playing beside her. They run around the house pretending to be dogs together. We picked up some fun fairy/butterfly wings off of Freecycle. They love to run around the house together wearing them. They are just so precious.


 I am so excited for this new little one to join us. I am looking forward to meeting this new personality and seeing how they fit in the mix. I am dreaming up fun new ways to decorate the girls' room and how to make room for Bug-a-Boo. I am also hoping to keep this blog better updated on the things we've been up to.
 Recently, Nugget has begun to say "Zita you are so cute. You are a sweetie. Come here, Sweetie. I love you, Sweetie." She then refers to her exclusively as "Sweetie" for the next little bit. It is so cute. Especially when she does it when we are in another room. There is just something so special about knowing your kids love each other even when you're not around. *wink, wink*

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  1. Love,love,love the pics!!!!Such sweet stories too of what they have been up to. Looking forward to more updates for sure ;o)