Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spiritual Balance in Marriage

I don't think it will shock anyone when I say that men and women--husbands and wives, often see things very differently. We had one of those conversations the other night. I was feeling a bit discouraged, wondering why we were being "forced" into something I felt we'd told God we were willing to do 2 years ago. At that time, the doors did not open so we've been waiting to see if it was just us or something God had put on our hearts. Now I feel like there are no options but this thing and feeling a bit stressed by all the circumstances. My dear husband sees it very differently. He sees opportunities. He sees God opening doors. The hard things are there and he acknowledges them but it's not where he stops. I think I was more struck by his thought process than by what he was saying. The funny thing is, I have really been working at praying for him more and praying specifically--for things like his emotions, mind, heart, etc. That night I'm pretty sure I was seeing the answer to those prayers. He wasn't being drug down by the dark part of our circumstances but was able to see God moving through them--positively instead of negatively (like me). I'm thinking I may need to spend some time praying for my heart and attitude. *grin*

I've been working my way through the Bible study, Fingerprints of God: Recognizing God's Touch on Your Life by Jennifer Rothschild. Today she reminded me of something I had prayed back in the fall. I had prayed for God to be glorified in this particular set of circumstances we were entering. We were reading John 9:1-3 (very appropriate as she is blind) and it struck me that I was trying to dictate how God would glorify Himself/show His works in our lives. I haven't liked the direction things have gone and felt like we were being punished somehow. Today I was reminded that sometimes God uses hard times for His glory and it really has very little to do with what we may have or have not done. There are times when it is directly related to sin in our lives and we've dealt with those situations too but this passage does point out that not all hard times are discipline in the form of correction. Generally, I find it good practice to pay attention when I hear God say correlating things from various sources. Hearing it from my husband and my Bible study--well, I think I need to start listening.

What has God been doing in your heart lately?


  1. I think God has been showing how much I like to control my own little world and how very little (or no control) I really have. There are several things, as you know, in my life that are out of my hands that I just need to ride out while seeking Him and a couple that I'm utterly confused in which direction I should go. I know He is trustworthy, but it's hard to sit back and watch it unfold without getting my own messy fingers in the mix.

  2. I'm in the same boat. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby and we are yet to conceive. I've been angry, down on myself, disappointed, frustrated, spiteful and bitter. My husband, who is usually pretty quiet about his feelings, told me he felt like God was using this situation in ways I had not even considered. I realized that my need to plan every detail had shut doors in my mind and heart rather than allow me to praise God for the ways that this situation is strengthening my marriage.

    Thanks for such an uplifting post! I really needed to hear that today :)

  3. What a great post, so glad I came over to read this :)

  4. Good words! Thanks Stacie.