Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Me

Monday, my BFF, Amanda, treated me to a girl's day out. Ralph participated by keeping Nugget. I was treated to a lovely prenatal massage at Bellazio. It is one of my favorite salon's in the area. When I was young and single, I loved going there to be pampered and have my hair cut and colored and sip lattes. Funny how things change! Priorities are so much different when you're working towards being a full time at home mom vs a full time work away from home mom.

We then headed off to lunch at our favorite place in town, Flavors. I absolutely LOVE their chicken quesadilla and their chocolate chai tea! The chocolate chai is like a dessert and I just crave it! I also LOVE their special white sauce they put on things. It is so yummy!

We were then off to Trend Setters in Kettering to where Amanda has her hair cut. The lady is a whirlwind but does a great job! I was so happy with the results! I feel so refreshed after a day of pampering! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend. Anyone know any godly, amazing men we can introduce her to as a great big "Thank you"?!


  1. Very cute Stace!! Amanda is truly a special blessing in your life and ours (:

  2. How fun! What a special treat! I'm so glad you had a chance to have a little pampering before baby #2! Love your hair!