Friday, March 12, 2010

37 Weeks

We are officially 37 weeks today! We went in to Family Beginnings today to get all of our paperwork filled out and ready to go. This weekend we're going to pull down all the infant things from the attic, look for our gender neutral clothes and pack a couple bags. I am feeling the need to review the birthing process and natural pain management techniques. Ralph is pretty sure he remembers but I must review everything. I also found out that the unit we birth at is starting construction the 18th and we will be in a temporary unit if we go into labor after that. The nice double beds won't fit in the temporary unit but they will provide birthing tubs. It is making me more motivated to deliver sooner rather than later.

On a completely unrelated note, we had some excitement around here this morning. The dogs suddenly burst out barking. We couldn't figure out what their problem was until we looked out back. There was a HUGE possum against the back fence! Buddy (the Bernese Mtn Dog) had it backed into a corner--he was barking but wagging his tail at it. Kenya (the Newfoundland) was keeping herself between it and the house, barking furiously as she backed towards the house. It was kind of funny to see these big dogs going ballistic over this (comparatively) small animal (it really was quite large and ugly--think ROUS). We had to bring the dogs in so it could go back to wherever it came from. As soon as we let them back out, they went off on a mad dash to find it but he was gone, thankfully.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Best wishes for your pregnancy!

    Thanks for stopping by Simply Sweet Home!

  2. Come on, baby! Momma wants a double bed!

    Glad that possum went on it's merry way... they are so hideous! I love the ROUS reference!

  3. Good luck with your dinner...

  4. Thank you for your comment! What an exciting time for you! That is cool that you are waiting to find out the gender. I am starting a Favorite Things Friday Party the 19th. I would love you to come join in if you are interested!

  5. You look beautiful! Best of luck with the delivery!