Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finding A Rhythm

I'm feeling good about what I've accomplished this week:
  • 7 loads of laundary
  • A dozen homemade buns
  • A loaf of homemade bread
  • 3 homemade pizzas frozen for future meals
  • 7 lb pork roast cooked and ready to be made into other meals
  • I've stayed on top of the dishes
  • We've picked up after Nugget every night and located all her toys each day
  • I've fit in a nap most days
  • Nugget's been bathed on her "designated" days
  • Changed our sheets
Now, before you think I'm super woman, here's what's NOT been accomplished:
  • Christmas is still up
  • I haven't cleaned my house since we've been home
  • There are still pumpkins on my front porch
  • The dogs haven't been walked in months
  • I haven't worked out in months
  •  At least 4 of those 7 loads of laundry needed to be done since before Christmas!
I am choosing to focus on what I have accomplished while working night shift and 30+ weeks pregnant. Someday I pray homemaking and mothering will be my full time and only job. For now, I do what I can and be excited about what I do get accomplished. What did you do that put a smile on your face this week?


  1. You go girl! My biggest accomplishment this week was mopping all my tile floors upstairs, vacuuming all our floors and the cleaning the bathrooms all in one day. It had been awhile since I felt up to doing it. And today I made homemade meatballs and spaghetti sauce with enough meatballs for another 2 meals. Yeah for easy future meals!

  2. WOW! Impressive. I think laundry loads done are major accomplishments, and making future meals puts a huge smile on my face.