Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Fun Fall Day

We had a fun day out.
Fall 2009 003

Explored new things.
Fall 2009 004

Met new friends.
Fall 2009 018

Enjoyed each others company.
Fall 2009 033

Overcame obstacles.
Fall 2009 044

Made precious memories.
Fall 2009 051
We love the fall!


  1. She's a doll! We love the fall too! We went leaf hunting yesterday- in the rain!

  2. Such great pics. So glad you guys were able to get out and spend some time together.

  3. Looks like so much fun! Fall is the greatest, we just didn't get to have it this year. Great pics!

  4. Love the pics, I agree-LOVE the fall!!;0) Glad you guys had a great time!!

  5. Such cute picture's. Thank's Stacie for taking time to come and see us. Arwen is so sweet and such a good little girl. Wished you lived closer!

  6. Beautiful pictures!