Monday, August 10, 2009

My Favorite Room

This post reminded me to stop and think about what I love about my home. What am I thankful for? I don't need to focus on how small my house may be, or what I don't have. Instead, I need to focus on what I've been given and be thankful for that. I love my dining room! It's bright and cheery painted in yellow and orange. It has a comfy love seat where I sit and read and drink my coffee. The buffet I started to refinish and my mom helped me to complete after our daughter was born is there. It houses two of my bookcases full of some of my favorite books and my table where so many memories are made. Oh, and I can't forget, it's where my espresso machine lives!! :)

Head on over to beauty that moves, and be inspired to be grateful.



  1. Love this room too

  2. Love your dining room too! I think my fave in my house is the great room/kitchen area. I spend a majority of my time there, so that's a good thing. Also gotta love my sewing room. Oh, I can lose myself in a good pile of fabric!

  3. rbdrifters@yahoo.com7:26 PM

    Stacie it looks so comfortable! I just got home from the hospitat today and doing Ok. Kinda feel like a rag but had wonderful Drs. and nurses and thought of you

  4. Good reminder. I am always telling the boys that but sometimes need to be reminded myself.

  5. I love this room- looks so cozy! And Congratulations on your new little one- what a blessing! Thanks for reminding me to be thankful with this post!