Friday, July 24, 2009

Englund's Came to Ohio Part 2

Happy birthday, Chad! Hope this year is less traumatic than last!

While my sister and her family were here, we did two very Daytonian things--the Air Force Museum and a Dayton Dragon's game.

At the Air Force Museum, M'C couldn't stop counting planes wherever he went. There were so many he could hardly contain himself! Both the older boys enjoyed the interactive exhibits while L'C and Nugget enjoyed hanging out in their strollers. :)
Englund's Come to OH 035 Englund's Come to OH 032

Here's our little fan Englund's Come to OH 071

The ballgame was fun but LONG!!! Englund's Come to OH 046 Lawn seats were GREAT with four little ones! Englund's Come to OH 051

Who wants to come next? We're always ready to host family and friends!

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