Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Englund's Came To OH

We were so blessed to be part of my sister's vacation/sabbatical this year! They came in for 2 days and three nights. We fit in as much as we possibly could. It was so fun having such a full house--4 adults, 4 kids (one preschool, one toddler, two infants), one large dog and a cat all in our 1600 square foot house! Whew! We were close but we had fun!

We headed out to the Wegerzyn Garden Metro Park to play in the Children's Discovery Garden.Englund's Come to OH 174
We played in water . . .Englund's Come to OH 183
We explored caves . . .Englund's Come to OH 193
. . .watered plants . . .Englund's Come to OH 204
. . .planted a garden . . .Englund's Come to OH 229 and did a whole lot more. What a great place to play!


  1. Glad you all had such a great time

  2. Look's like you had a great time. So glad Stacie and Arwen got to spent some days with you.

  3. Looks and sound slike you guys had a great time! So glad they were able to make it out there. The B&B you went to also sounded pretty sweet. I am glad your first night away went well!