Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Celtic Festival

We've been quite busy lately going here and there! This past weekend was no exception. I had to work Saturday night but that did not stop us from getting in some time at the Dayton Celtic Festival.

We, of course, listened to one of our favorite bands, Gaelic Storm. They were the headliner, so they came on late Friday and Nugget had enough about half way through. We went back Sunday and she did great through 2 other bands and then fell asleep for Gaelic Storm. Guess she's not as much of a fan as her parents! Hee, hee!

We found three more bands we really enjoyed as well! If you like Celtic rock, check out Blackthorn, Slide (we really enjoyed the lead singer's voice), and Scythian (these boys had so much energy, they made me feel old!).

The best thing about the festival is always the people. It is a great place to people watch! You see all types of people--grandparents there to watch kids perform Irish dance routines, hard core Irish/Scots in full kilts, farmers, DINK's (dual income no kids), families, etc. There were tables set up next to the main stage this year and everyone sat European style (eating with people one doesn't know). We met several neat people this way. We also ran into old friends that we only seem to see this one weekend a year.

If you live in the area, you should try and make it out next year!


  1. I remember when you took Arwen last year :)

  2. Such a cute video. Glad you guys can get away and relax