Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun Etsy Shop

I just found the cutest Etsy shop thanks to a giveaway on The Crafty Crow , Starbugaloo Designs. Too cute--go check it out! She also just introduced me to this new book store, Uborne Books at Home. You know how we love our books!

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  1. Thank you, for taking the time to stop by Crafty Crow and sign up for my Usborne drawing! Thank you, for linking my personal Usborne site!!

    You are welcome to sign up monthly for my $50 Usborne drawing at

    How did you find out about Usborne Books?
    Do you have Usborne in your family library?
    Would you like to get Usborne Books for FREE by hosting an online eShow? (Okay, trick question, but you can answer anyway ;-)

    May I add you to my online newsletter list? You’d get updates on new titles, literacy info and the like.

    Congrats on little Nuggets arrival. Beautiful!

    I look forward to your reply.

    Happy Reading,

    Tressa Book Nut Nelson