Monday, January 12, 2009

Family time

Saturday Ralph and I decided to have some laid back family time. It was so nice! We received a puzzle from Ralph's bro and SIL for Christmas. We decided to work on that puzzle while listening to the book The Shack. It was such a relaxing afternoon! So fun! We got about halfway through the book and are really enjoying it. It's tough to read/hear as it's about a child being hurt--we're not handling hearing about hurting kids very well right now. We plan on repeating this afternoon sometime soon. How is your family spending time together this winter?


  1. We are enjoying our winter in AZ with many activies in the park, playing tenis, lots of company. Just had three days of company from back home...Jeannie and Glen Olson, Kent Frazer, Marilyn Ellefson and Bruce and Marg VanWky.
    We some times enjoy just having a time in the evenings alone knitting and reading books.

  2. Thanks for the comment and the invite! I love people like you, it gets me excited to move!

    I also read your blog and love looking at your pics, but again, not so great on the commenting - Will try not to be so lazy in the future!