Thursday, January 15, 2009

Missions Statement

We finally have a family mission statement! Ralph and I sat down tonight and reflected on 2008 and our vision for 2009. Simple Mom has a great list of questions for both (here and here). One of the Vision Questions for 2009 was "Have you ever created a family mission statement with your spouse? If so, why not do one for this year?" We decided to do just that. This is the result:

The Helms are an eclectic and creative trio of God-fearing misfits who love to laugh and seek out adventure wherever it may be. We strive daily to serve the Lord and know Him better and desire to create an environment in our home that is comfortable and welcoming to all. We value honesty, respect and transparency and seek to love others as the Lord loves us. We are passionate about growing in knowledge through our love of books, joy of traveling and exploration of new technology. We seek to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with the people God has placed in our path.

What do you think? We are pretty happy with it. Does your family have a mission statement? If so, would you share it with us? It was such a fun exercise for us! We really enjoyed stopping and thinking about who we are and what makes us as a family tick. What fun discussions have been happening in your home lately?


  1. That is a great mission statement! You guys seem like very neat people. Congratulations on your new sweet nugget! And yes, "job conditioning" keeps me from doing anything in a straight line, too- great way to say it. Blessings to you guys in this New Year!

  2. Love it! Way to go guys!;0)

  3. Such a great idea, glad you guys took the time as a couple to do this.Will be very helpful I am sure as you are raising your family!