Wednesday, January 07, 2009


DSC_0032We had a very unique Christmas this year. Nugget was not the only reason. It started out mostly normal. We celebrated with Ralph's family at his brother's home before we left for MN. Nugget got to meet her great grandmother on Ralph's side.DSC_0005 So precious! I grew up with two sets of great grandparents that were such a blessing to me. I am so glad that Nugget has them as well. I am looking forward to her getting to meet the ones on my side. Tom, Ralph's brother, gave Ralph and I a crash course in coffee roasting. Yumm! The smell was heavenly and such good coffee! It was a precious time culminating with Uncle Ralph and Mo playing Rock Band. :) We almost had Tom joining them but couldn't quite figure out how to add the vocal part. Oh, well.DSC_0030
We headed up to MN the day after Christmas. Nugget got her first plane ride. She did so well! She slept the whole time. When we got to Mom and Dad's we found out Mom was down with the flu, Dad had just got over it and Chad and Nikki's family was just recovering. Bobby and Tiffany's family had not succumbed and we all started wondering about our planned trek to Todd and Kim's. Then Ralph came down with it and I developed a cold. The family finally made the call we couldn't risk the new twins getting sick so we stayed at Mom and Dad's. We celebrated Christmas without the Erickson clan. It was the first year we've never been able to celebrate as a whole family. It was sad but necessary. It was a blessing to be able to see those we did and we kept in close touch via phone with those we could not.


  1. Lots of great pics Stace! I am glad you wre able to come home for Christmas but still so bummed we didn't get to see you guys or meet Nugget. We will have to remedy that somehow.

  2. Thank's so much for the up date. Such cute picture's. I wish we knew how to put the picture's on but can only do it when some one is here to help. Your day sounded fun.