Friday, September 28, 2007

Dinner in Germany

Today we walked around the world in Epcot. We were able to eat food from the Dominican Republic, France, America, England, and Germany. We walked from the D.R. to the United Kingdom to Mexico. It was so much fun! We watched amazing videos about Canada and China. We saw and heard terrific "street" performers.
We met some people from Brazil at our German Biergarten buffet dinner. Our waitress was Sylvia from Germany. She has been here 20 years and her mom and son and daughter-in-law are all back in Germany. While we were at the "patisserie" in France, we met a neat couple from Rugby, ND. Todd, they said if you're going to the dance at the bar in Kenmare in November (I think) to tell you we met one of the guys in the band here in FL.
We did tons of shopping--window shopping that is! Japan, France, Italy, the UK, Morocco, Mexico, Norway--just to name a few of the places we went shopping today. It was a ton of fun! Epcot is definitely at the top of my favorite places. We also took a rocket to Mars while we were there. I was the
navigator! Ralph was a little nervous to say the least. ;-D Then on the bus ride back we met this neat couple on their honeymoon. They are from WI and are on a similar honeymoon to ours. They took a week here and now are taking a road trip up the east coast and then across to home. Sounds like fun to us! We're headed back tomorrow to hit all the rides, etc we missed at "Future World." We may even take the more intense training mission to Mars. We'll have to see. Well, it's off to bed for now!

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  1. I am just now getting caught up on your trip!! WOW you guys have done a lot and made some special friends! That is wonderful. Your first movie was with Koni, and it was before Bobby was born, Dad had asked her to stay with us cuz I was at the end of my pregnancy and he had to be gone and he was worried, we didn't really know anyone there yet. No need to worry he was late (: So glad you guys took this trip!!