Sunday, September 30, 2007

Some things you should know . . .

. . . about Florida. Their tollways are not well marked. In most of the states we've traveled through, they take credit cards or are well marked leading up to them that they are cash only. Florida does not do this and then acts surprised that you do not know this. I find this surprising due to the fact that they are in a huge tourist area--I'm sure people are as surprised as we were. Anyway, it must happen a lot because they have this whole process for those who don't have cash. Anyway, carry cash in Florida.

Here are some favorite memories of our trip. English iced tea. Magic Kingdom's fireworks. Canadian cheddar cheese soup. 360 degree movies of China and Canada. Amazing movies of France and America. Yummy mufongos. Epcot fireworks. Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom. An African safari. Dinosaur ride. Buzz Lightyear ride. Mad Hatter teacups. Flying Dumbo ride. Peter Pan ride. Dinner at Jiko. Hanging out with my husband for a week.
Now we are meandering our way home. We had a ton of fun shopping today at Downtown Disney. Tomorrow we will wander through Georgia on our way home. I haven't really spent that much time in GA. I'm looking forward to it. I love our hotel tonight! It is decked out for fall. I love the fall! It's pretty fun. More pics and memories to come.

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  1. Have fun traveling home!! Sounds like you aren't waisting a minute that is great. Love you guys