Friday, September 28, 2007

New friends

I think one of the best parts of being on vacation are all the fun people that you get to meet. Take yesterday for example. While Ralph was out taking these pictures, because he gave up his seat to a very pregnant woman, he gave me an opportunity to meet that very neat pregnant woman. We were on the river boat cruise around Tom Sawyer's Island. This adorable red head, with an even more adorable 2 yr old, sat down next to me. Her son was named after one of my favorite Bible characters and was wearing a shirt that said "I do all my own stunts." I think I am going to look for that shirt for a certain couple of nephews. ;-D
Anyway, we got to talking and I found out her baby is due in 9 wks, they don't know the sex and have the most adorable names picked out. She has her doctoracte in speech therapy and works with autistic children and is a Mary Kay Director. Now, the fun thing about Mary Kay is, it gives you an instant bond and sisterhood with other woman who are in the business. She and her sister started out a little bit like me, just dabbling. But, both have started to build their businesses and eventually will switch to Mary Kay full time. It was fun to hear how Mary Kay had changed her life and given her options she didn't have before.
I also found out that her husband had proposed to her at Epcot during the fireworks! How romantic is that! She also strongly encouraged us to join the vacation club. It sounds like a great deal. Overtime it saves you a lot of money and you can use it at all the Disney locations around the world. Now, if Ralph and I only ever did the same thing twice! Anyway, by the time the cruise was done I felt as if I had a new friend. I may never meet her again but it was fun to know her. These are things that make vacations special. I still treasure the memories of the special people we met in Colorado earlier this summer and from vacations past.

I hope you all have a magical day (as they keep telling us here) and that you meet a new friend today (or take some time for an old one)!

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  1. What a cool story!!! What amazing memories that makes-way to go Ralph, giving up your seat!!! Enjoy!:)