Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Half Birthday

Our beautiful baby is already 6 months old! I'm not sure how that happened. She is a supremely happy baby with a beautiful smile. Two teeth are already present. She is mobile via thumping around the floor on her back like a crab. She is most happy jumping and rocking in her jumper. She rocks herself wherever she is. She will often fuss just so she we will pick her up and snuggle. She loves to hold our faces between her hands and give us kisses. Her hair is light and short. Her eyes are supremely blue. Her whole face smiles whenever she does.

We are big into celebrations around here. We also love to bake. One cannot have a birthday, or even a half birthday, celebration without a cake. The big girls helped bake it. Greer wanted vanilla. Arwen wanted a chocolate donut cake (aka bundt cake). We compromised on a white cake with chocolate frosting. They don't make 6 month candles so a decimal point it was! We pulled out the china and had a fun family dinner with all five of us at the table. We lit the candles and sang "Happy Half Birthday" to Storie. She, however, did not get to taste this cake. She must wait 6 more months for that privilege! We are more than happy to help her out, though, and eat it for her.
   Happy Half Birthday, Baby!


  1. Very cute Stacie. Storie is getting so big. Very creative of the age.....what did you use for the decimal?

  2. It's a chocolate candy ball.

  3. Aww! Happy Half Birthday, sweetie! Can't believe it's been 6 months...

  4. Absolutely adorable!!! Need to see video of her bumping across the floor! ;)