Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Snapshot

Today I had one of those moments. You know, the ones where you say, this is life. This is good. Oddly it involved crying. I know, right? Life is good and crying in the same sentiment? I was surprised too.

I was holding Storie, who was getting increasingly fussy. Arwen was chattering away about something. Music was on. Greer was playing somewhere and that always involves noise. I set Storie down to change her diaper, which made her cry more. Arwen starts shouting, to be heard over the crying, "Feed her, Mom! She wants to eat!" Greer appears with her xylophone. "My song will make her happy!" Then she starts banging away on the xylophone. It was loud and crazy and chaotic and beautiful. Not extraordinary. Just life. Messy, loud and precious. Then it moved on, changed, morphed. This is normal and expected with 3 girls under the age of 4. We don't do very many things for long periods of time.


  1. Such a good reminder for me to embrace the crazy moments a little more... there are too many times when I try to quell the noise for my own "benefit". Thanks for your example.

  2. Stacie enjoy every minute because before you know it you well be busy having little girls grown up and getting married and the house is empty again. I am enjoying little Jana so much as she is at our house 3 days a week. I wish I could keep her little and sweet like she is now!!! But we can't do that so enjoy them when you can.