Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Snowy Night's Dinner

I haven't posted about our food in awhile. Trust me, we are still cooking and baking up a storm here at Helm's Deep. Tonight I made Minnesota Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup. It just sounded so perfect for this snow day. I had a little trauma while making it, though. I only had 0.5 cup of wild rice soup. As Ralph had to run out today anyway, he went to Trader Joe's to get some. We know they at least will always have wild rice. Well, when he got home with it, I realized it was wild rice from CALIFORNIA!!! {enter shudder here} How does one make a MN wild rice soup with wild rice from CA?! Well, I just had to go with it but it's very sad. The soup, however, was very good. We absolutely loved it.

Now, to make a dinner of soup perfect, you need to have bread. I have been wanting to make bread bowls for awhile and decided today was the perfect day. These Italian Bread Bowls are absolutely fantastic! They are not hard at all and definitely add something to the soup. I will be making these a lot in the future. Check out both recipes I highly recommend them both.

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