Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing

I woke up very refreshed this morning after basically passing out last night. We've had several weeks of various sleep disturbances with the girls: colds, nightmares, loosing Nuks, etc. We were starting to think that we would not sleep through the night again until after Bug-A-Boo comes and starts to sleep through the night. You know, like in October.

Then a miracle happened. Despite their colds and coughing, they went to bed in the same room AND slept through the night for the first time in weeks. It really has been weeks. I feel awesome! I bet Ralph feels even better because he gets up on his own the nights before I go to work. He thinks I should be well rested to hand out narcotics and monitor sick people. He's a smart guy. Definitely a keeper.

Now I've been following along with Ann Voskamp and her Joy Dare. I think it's been helping my perspective overall but I'm telling you today! Today I feel like I could blow up my 1000 Gifts App. Hearing the girls playing happily in their room until just before 9. Making Egg Nog pancakes, trying to use up left over Egg Nog. Finding syrup in the pantry when I thought we were out. My yummy coffee this morning. Ralph meeting with a new client. I can see some sun shining through the clouds.

Now, not that my day's perfect. I need to finish a project by Sunday and it probably won't happen. I have one extremely fussy girl, despite sleeping all night. My house needs some attention but probably won't get it until next week due to a  crazy weekend and the above mentioned project. However, it all seems much more tolerable with a little sleep under my belt.


  1. So glad you are feeling rested! I have had One Thousand Gifts for almost a year now and had read the first chapter and got distracted by another book...probably a parenting book. Yesterday I woke up in a funk and had 15 rare, quiet minutes to pick it up and start again. Boy, was it what i needed to hear. Got my list started today :) Hope your project is successful this weekend. Love ya!

  2. Amazing what sleep can do! So glad you two were able to get some good rest!! I think the Joy Dare has been helping me as well. Have a wonderful weekend,love you!