Sunday, December 18, 2011


Cute dresses from our friend Joy

We told the girls on Friday that Saturday we would be taking them to see Santa Claus. Nothing special, just a Santa at the local Fred Meyer. Nugget woke up bright and early so excited to see Santa. She kept asking, "Are we going to see Santa now?" When we got to the store she practically ran down the aisles dragging Ralph with her. She got all the way up to where he was (wonderfully, there was no line!) and promptly hid her face in my side. She wouldn't go anywhere near him. It was very funny. Zita sat up on his lap briefly and then broke down. Oh, well, maybe next year. They thought it was way more fun to walk us around and show us toys than to sit with Santa and tell him what they wanted.


  1. Love the dresses and the pics!! So cute how excited and then.... reality! LOL