Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nap/Rest Time Adventures

Now Nugget is mostly potty trained during the day. For her nap/rest time, we no longer use a diaper and she just calls us if she has to go. Today I heard her calling and went to get her. I open the door to see her wearing her shirt and a pair of tights instead of the jeans she had been in. The room also smelled strongly of Lysol. She said she had to go potty so away we went. She is also wearing a different pair of panties and they are on backward.

 While in the bathroom, I asked her what happened to her jeans? Nugget says, "They got wet." From what, I ask? "From my potty. I cleaned it," she says. With what? "The spray." Where is it? "Behind my shoes." Where are your jeans? "In my closet," this is where we keep their dirty clothes. Then when she finishes going, we go back in her room. She shows me where she cleaned the floor with "the spray" and laid a diaper liner over it "cuz it's still wet." Sure enough she has stashed the Lysol from the top of the closet (which she climbed the shelves of) behind her basket of shoes.

The whole time I just nod and keep calm. I can't reprimand her because I'm trying so hard not to laugh, my eyes water from the effort. She was quite pleased with herself for fixing her problem. It doesn't even occur to her that she should never have had the Lysol, isn't supposed to be in her closet or drawers (despite being given explicit instructions at the onset of rest time) or that she should have let me clean the mess. I can't imagine where she gets her independence!


  1. Ahh, momma's little helper :)

  2. She is a thinker,very cute story

  3. Ha ha, the joys of potty training..my son is in the same stage!

    Happy New Years! I'm now your newest follower :)