Thursday, October 20, 2011

What Are You Thinking

Thanks to Media Guests for providing this book in exchange for my honest review.

Title: What Are You Thinking
Author: Valerie Ackley
Category: Children’s book, motivational
Format: Hard back, full-color, 32 pages
Touring Dates: October-November 2011, available for review, guest post and interview

I loved the concept for this book. There are so many people today who do not understand that when they assume they can't do something and focus on that, then they truly can't. The Bible has many verses that teach us to focus our hearts and minds on things that are pure, holy, lovely, good report, the Word of God, God Himself, etc.

When the book came, Miss Nugget was enthralled with the bright colors and pictures. However, upon reading it, I feel I may have some world views that differ with the author. She very heavily emphases that one's mind/positive thoughts are the cause for good things in a person's life. While I believe that positive/focused thoughts are important, I differ in my belief that they in and of themselves cause things to happen. The book was a little bit too busy in its graphics for me but Nugget really liked them. Since it is a children's book, I will defer to my daughter on the book's appearance. 

Overall, I like the idea of the book but we will not be incorporating it into our reading list. 

ABOUT THE BOOK: Our thoughts, be it positive or negative, determine who we are and what we become. That is why helping our children understand the power of thoughts from an early age is essential.
Studies show that children with negative thoughts are more likely to give up; they lack confidence and motivation. On the other hand, children who think positively take on their life, they overcome challenges, they are more enthusiastic, and driven. Author, Valerie Ackley, illustrates the power of our thoughts in the award winning book, What Are You Thinking? This book introduces children to the Law of Attraction. Beautifully illustrated with fun characters and humorous situations, this amazing creation teaches the power of the mind and the importance of wisely selecting our dominant thoughts.
What Are You Thinking?” will inspire creativity, confidence, goal setting, gratitude, and HOW to turn a bad day around! Parents can use this book as a spring board to discuss healthy vs. unhealthy “thinking habits” with their children.

Valerie Ackley (Photo: Scott Hancock)
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Valerie Ackley graduated from college with a degree in Business Management and worked eight years in the telecommunications industry before becoming a full-time homemaker to her 5 sons.
After attending a seminar by Leslie Householder, author of The Jackrabbit Factor, Valerie gained a better understanding of the effect our thoughts have on our experiences. Valerie had a strong desire to introduce these principles to her sons.
The idea for “What are You Thinking?” was born when she was unable to find any similar products for children. She hopes this book will be a tool to open a discussion between parents and children regarding the power of the mind, and the importance of wisely selecting our dominant thoughts. Valerie has seen her children benefit from applying these principles. She believes this book, with the delightful and humorous illustrations created by Lori Nawyn, will empower children and parents to enjoy the endless rewards of positive thinking.
Valerie lives in a beautiful valley at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, with her husband and five sons.

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