Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Seventh Anniversary

 Ralph and I headed to Bainbridge Island to celebrate our anniversary. We found a terrific Boat and Breakfast on AirBnB. Tami, our host, was fantastic and Lille Danser (the boat) was beautiful. We want to bring the girls out there sometime and introduce them to sailing.

 It was our first visit to the island. We took the Bainbridge ferry over and the Kingston ferry back. We had two great days of just wandering with no specific plan. It was nice to hang out, talk, walk and be surrounded with the beauty of God's creation. We will definitely be going back soon. There is so much more to explore!
The Bloedel Reserve
 This reserve was so beautiful and such a neat story. Click on the link and check it out. Just beautiful.
Lille Danser
 We had a terrific picnic dinner on the boat of rosemary bread, brie, Beecher's smoked flagship, Sopressata salami, proscuitto, Rainier cherries, local strawberries, and sparkling French berry soda. For dessert we picked up some local fudge: chocolate peanut butter and dark chocolate salted caramel with coffee.     
The girls were so cute. When we left Zita wanted to come too. She kept running to the door, plopping down and sticking her feet in the air so we could put her shoes on. Nugget, on the other hand, was quite thrilled with the mom/son duo who came to watch them and kept asking, "Can you leave now?" When we got home, both girls were wearing HUGE smiles, Zita wouldn't let us put her down and Nugget kept saying "I am SO GLAD you are HOME!" It was nice to have some time to ourselves but we were glad to get back home to our girls!


  1. Sounds like a great time! Your picnic dinner has me drooling!

  2. Looks so amazing!!!Fun for you guys,glad you take the time to do these special days together!!

  3. Beautiful pics Stacie. So glad you two take the time to celebrate your marriage.Thankful the girls had a good time as well,makes your weekend even better.