Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On Sunday, Ralph and I will have been married 7 years. It hardly seems that could be possible. It feels like yesterday. Then I look at all the ups and downs we've gone through: loosing a nephew, Ralph's mom's breast cancer, financial struggles, the challenges and joys of shepherding our house churches in Dayton, moving across country, the joy of creating and meeting our two beautiful girls, the amazing vacations in God's beautiful creation, etc. There have been so many big things and so many little things all wonderful and sorrowful and mundane that have filled the last 7 years. There is no one I would rather be doing life with than my husband. We fight. We laugh. We play. We agree. We disagree. We have the best road trips together. We make beautiful babies.

Tomorrow we head out on a super fun adventure. We are going to a Boat and Breakfast on Bainbridge Island. This will be our first trip over there. We have a friend coming to stay with the girls with a little boy of her own. They will all have so much fun playing. We will have a two hour sail and then have the boat to ourselves for the night. Really looking forward to this.

Us at Deception Pass this month
Us in 2007 with Ralph's niece

Our Wedding 2004 photo by Locke Innovations


  1. So excited to hear about the "boat and breakfast"!Happy early Anniversary to a beautiful couple, who add many blessings to our lives.Love you guys!!

  2. Anonymous8:21 AM

    Stacie I loved what you wrote. Life has it's ups and downs but God is so good and faithful. I remember your wedding so well and we talk about it often...one of the most fun weddings we have attended. Grandpa had a cousin that use to live at Bainbridge. She had a gift shop there. Have a wonderful Annv. Love you, Grandpa and Grandma

  3. Happy Anniversary! Hope your time together is refreshing. I remember your wedding like it was yesterday. Where have 7 years gone?

  4. Happy Anniversary! Seth and I went to Deception's Pass when we visited my grandmother March 2010. I don't know when I developed a fear of heights, but I sure could not walk out on that bridge. Something about how skinny it was and the fact that I could have reached out and touched the mirror of a semi that passed me just had me queezy. Plus, I felt like it would have been all to easy to just bend over and fall. AHHH...it was scary! I got made fun of for walking back to real ground of course lol.