Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Date Night

Once again, The Loving Wives Club, provided some fun ideas for romancing my husband this month. The theme this month was a French one. That presented a small problem of where to take him for dinner as French is not a favorite genre for either of us.

We started out our "date day" making scrambled eggs and French toast for breakfast. We used up some chopped green peppers from our dinner the night before, ham from Easter and the rest of the cheddar cheese for the girls eggs. That left Parmesan or Romano cheese for our eggs. We went with Parmesan and I have no idea why we don't do that every time! They were so good! Our French toast recipe is the one I was raised with from Better Homes and Gardens. We've really not been able to top it. Our preferred bread is Challah, it really just makes it over the top yummy. We had regular bread this time which was fine but if I had been thinking I would have snagged some Challah to make the day extra special.

I'm starting to figure out how to time traffic into our dates. We had the babysitter come at 4 and had dinner reservations for 5:30 down in Seattle. We were able to get down there with about 40 minutes to spare, time to walk around the neighborhood and check out some shops. We found a record, models and old toy store. It had tons of old records. Ralph found quite a few that brought back fun memories. I even found one--Agapeland!

We had time to briefly peruse Ravenna Third Place Books. In fact, we were almost late for our reservation because we both can get lost in book stores. This one was a fun mix of new and used books. I think we will be going back some time soon. We also drove past several fun looking thrift stores that I will be wanting to go back and check out.

Blame It On Rio Crepe
Ralph's "Blame it on Rio"
For dinner, we went to the Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar. It was such a cute little restaurant. The staff was so friendly as were the other patrons! The food was so yummy!

Hors d'oeuvres
Our yummy appetizer

My Mushroom Medley

Chocolate in My Peanut Butter Crepe
Last, but not least, our Chocolate in My Peanut Butter
Ralph's Vat of Mocha at The Lyon's Den
After dinner, we headed up to Bothell to do something we really haven't had a chance to do since moving here. We went to a coffee shop to hear live music! It was so fun. This was Ralph's first time at The Lyon's Den coffee shoppe. I had met a friend there for coffee once. Some friends from church were there backing up  Maile, a local artist. It was so fun! I must say, we tend to enjoy the music more when we know the artist.
My pretty breve
We had such a fun evening. It was nice to get out. I must admit I frequently thinking about my girls. I even  heard a small one crying at the book store who sounded (to me) just like Zita. It kinda threw me for a bit. These nights out are refreshing and good for our marriage but can be hard on a momma's heart. Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week!


  1. sounds like the perfect date night!!!!

  2. Sounded like a super fun evening!!!!

  3. Ralph and Stacie....so glad you had such a fun night. After reading about the evening I feel I was right there with you. Your family has a way with writing! Love you.

  4. Oh that sounds like a fantastic time!!