Friday, April 29, 2011

2nd Craftivism Night

We had our 2nd Pathway's Women's Craftivism night on Tuesday. It was so much fun. We had about 9 ladies all in different stages of life. I had been praying that not only would we be able to create things that would show God's love in a practical way but that Titus 2 relationships would develop. It felt like a good foundation for those relationships were being laid that evening. We were learning to knit squares for They take squares that people send in from around the world (knitted, crocheted or felted wool squares) and put them together into blankets for AIDs orphans in South Africa. It was a very sweet time of fellowship and learning together.

I neglected to take pictures entirely. I am quite sad about that. There were beautiful yarns of all colors and textures. It was such a magnificent sight seeing all the diligent hands learning to create such necessary and comforting pieces of blankets. Ruth, our pastor's MIL, was so kind to jump in and teach us all how to knit. For some of us, it was a refresher and for others something entirely new. Initially it was so quiet as everyone focused on the task at hand and mastering the needles, yarn, fingers, etc. Then the conversation started to flow and it was so sweet. It was wonderful hearing the ladies share their lives with each other freely and easily.

Of course, we had to have some yummies to munch on while we struggled, laughed and chatted together. Everyone pitched in and we had quite a little feast:
Everything was quite delicious! I think that we will be working on this project for awhile. Our next meeting is in May and we will all be practicing and making squares in anticipation of it. Can't wait to see everyone's progress and meet some new ladies who will hopefully be joining us.

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  1. What a wonderful thing to be doing. Sounds like it was a fun evening.