Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Oscar Food

As soon as I saw Inception, I knew what I was making for our Oscar Party. This was a HUGE switch for me as I'm often scrambling for ideas. Mostly been scrambling since we've had kids and don't really get to the movies as much as we once did. Not a bad trade, just life as we know it (pun intended). I immediately thought of the trend of baking things inside of cake.

My first thought was maybe I'd try my hand at a Pumpple Cake. Then I felt overwhelmed and scrapped that idea. I started Googling and found this blog: Bake It In A Cake. The coolest thing, besides the part where she held my hand and showed me exactly how to make what I had been dreaming up in my head, was that she is local!! A local Seattle blogger! How fun is that?!

After drooling over her blog for a few weeks, we finally decided on this wonderfulness. Oh, and it was wonderfulness. To quote my brother (who was referring to his first taste of fettuccine al fredo) "It was like a cloud in my mouth." I have no idea what that means, but it felt appropriate.

My mini pie crusts (top left); my improvised double boiler making my pudding (top right); finished products (bottom and background pics)
I used the basic pie crust recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, the "Best Chocolate Pudding" recipe from Cooking Fun: 121 Simple Recipes to Make with Kids (I found saved in my One Note, not sure where I got it. Super easy and yummy, though.), the Paula Deen recipe she recommended, and Bake It In a Cake's buttercream frosting recipe (I even added the cocoa for the swirl effect). They were really not that hard once the steps were broke down for me, the principles understood and I split it up a bit (pudding and crust one day, cupcakes and frosting the next). I may even try my hand at one of those Pumpple Cakes if I can find the right occasion one of these days.

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