Tuesday, March 01, 2011

8th Annual Oscar Party

I cannot believe that we just hosted our 8th Oscar Party! Where have the years gone?! I had so much fun looking through the pics of past parties. Such fun memories. Check out 2008, 2009 and 2010. Some things have stayed the same and we added a few new things this year! One of the fun things that we added this year was "swag." Everybody was sent home with a bag of movie theater popcorn and theater candy. We've kept my "white flower, old Hollywood glamor-type" bouquet idea for our centerpiece. Our Oscar winning movie memorabilia made another appearance (when it wasn't being kidnapped by a mysterious 2 year old!). Once again there were prizes for the most right guesses on the ballots and the least and a few in between as well as a prize for the group's pick on most creative food. Gift cards to Regal cinema, Oscar winning movies (old and new) and of course, movie popcorn filled the line up of prizes this year.

We were without our big Yoda this year (he lives in OH) so we had to come up with a new "photo booth" idea. We had a ton of fun with our back drop and props so we *almost* didn't miss Yoda.

Obviously, another big difference was the people! This was our first PNW Oscar Party. We couldn't have been more thrilled with the turnout and how creative people were. In fact, I'm quite sure the majority of people in the room had never *gasp* never watched the Oscars in their entirety before. Shocking, isn't it? Mmmhmm. They were troopers, though. Watched the whole thing with us, got creative with the food and gave Ralph a run for his money in Scene It movie trivia. What more could we ask for?

On the people theme, our Dayton friends were not left out of the festivities. Our dear friend, Amanda, and friends, Phil and Kristi, decided to carry on the tradition and made it their own! They did such a fantastic job. All our friends there brought their collective creative games and made some FOOD.  I was drooling on my computer screen, guys! Seriously! We had a chance to connect the two parties via Skype. Can I tell you how blessed I feel to live in this modern age?! It's awesome. Just awesome.

The girls seemed to have as much fun as the adults. Nugget, of course, was super social and loved having people there to play with and show off for. Zita was the most social we've seen her in months. It was such a joy to have all four of us involved in "hosting" the party. Already thinking ahead to next year's 9th Annual Oscar Party and preparing for 2013's 10th (big things planned, big things). Hope to see you all there!

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  1. I'm so glad you had such a great turnout and such a good time!