Thursday, September 16, 2010


A certain great aunt of mine has put in a special request for more pictures of Zita so I decided to dedicate a whole post to this special little girl. I didn't think I'd hear too many complaints!

Above is Zita at 3 months. She went on her first camping trip, loved  her baths and went to her first pool party! She was a busy little bee in June!
At 4 months we find her enjoying baths with her big sister, hanging outdoors and catching naps in her walker.
Five months has brought us bigger smiles, her first tooth and rolling over! She loves her big sister, no one gets bigger smiles out of her than Nugget. They make each other giggle and bring such joy to our hearts!
Now that fall is here and so is the rain, I'm hoping to get better about posting. We've made some super yummy food we haven't shared with you. I've started several projects I can't wait to show off. In addition, I have yet to finish Nugget's rag doll! We've been so busy living and settling in I've slacked off in sharing it all with you. I hope to get better at that.

Hope this helps a bit, Auntie Donna. I have taken pictures of her--just been bad about posting. Thanks for the gentle nudge to share! Love you!


  1. You have some GREAT pics!!! She is sooo cute!! Am anxious to hear about your projects and to see pics!! Thanks for posting.

  2. Such a cutie! How can she be so old already?