Friday, September 10, 2010

A Down Day

I ended up working 16 hours yesterday. I had a good group of patients, wonderful staff I hated to leave in the lurch, and then there was the lure of double overtime. :) As a result, I am exhausted.

Today, I read some. Played with my girls. Took advantage of a gloomy day without rain and went for a walk. While we were on our walk we found some wild blackberries. As you can see below, Nugget loves blackberries (all fruit really). We came home tired but happy with stained fingers and faces (and clothes) and feeling victorious.  

Victorious, you say? Why, yes, victorious. Because, you see, we manage to lose and find Nugget's precious Blankie from Great Grandma. We were on our way home for nap time and Mommy discovered we had lost Blankie along the way. A moment of panic ensued on my part, and praying furiously, I turned the Mack truck of a stroller around and we began our hunt for Blankie while Nugget munched happily on blackberries. It was thankfully lying on the ground along our route around presumably where she dropped it. All is well in our world. I must admit, I was a little scared of the nap time-toddler-no Blankie combo and quite relieved not to have to face it. Zita blissfully slept through it all.

Here is a cute video I shot today on my phone of Nugget "reading" herself the grocery sale ad. I missed some of the best part but it's still cute. She's growing up fast. *grin*


  1. We had a similar scare with one of Lydia's stuffed animals one day! Glad you found her blanket!

    The video is so cute. Listen to her talk!!! I bet she had a whole menu planned out for you!

  2. Nice you could get out for a walk. Thankful you found the blankie also. That video is really, really cute!!!

  3. by the way braids look good ;0)

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    The video is so cute! Look's like you have to be very good as she does every thing you do. She is growing up way too fast especially since we only get to see them about once a year. Love you all. Great grandpa and grandma.