Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Things I Love

I love things with history, a story, a personality. I prefer things that are a bit older to things that are too new. This extends to the things that surround Nugget.

I love her crib! I know it's probably fuller than it "should" be but she likes it and it makes me smile to look at it. The yellow afghan on the left was made by her great grandma. The blanket on the right and the paw blanket were made by her other great grandmother (I should say one of her other great grandmothers--she has 4!). The moose (brown blanket) and the duck are from Grandma. The quilt underneath was also finished by Grandma. The Raggedy Ann was made for me by a dear friend of the family when my sister was born. The polar bear came with her afghan and peeking from behind those two is her sock monkey from a dear friend. It feels like she is surrounded by love in her crib.
I love her little toy corner--especially her rocking snail made by Grandpa. Her toy box is also precious to me as Grandpa and Grandma refinished the one I played with as a child. The dog on top is Daddy's made by Grandma when he was little (the cute frog was also a Valentine present from that grandma). some of her toys may be a bit loved as they were some of ours but I think it makes them better. I love the memories we are making with her "new" toys but I love seeing the life and memories extended on the "old" ones.


  1. What a fun post, yes she is surrounded by love.The dog is sooo cute, Connie did a great job.

  2. Her rocking snail is so cute! It "rocks"... ha, ha!