Sunday, January 31, 2010

Praying the Psalms

A blog I like to read because it speaks peace into my heart is hosting Praying the Psalms on the weekends. I've decided to join her. I think she may have started in the beginning but this Psalm is speaking to my heart today. (I also love how she formatted her prayer so you'll have to forgive me copying that--I just think it adds a little something.) *wink, grin*

Psalm 61

Father, I so need You to hear me--to know You are listening to me. I know that You do and am so grateful that You notice me. I feel like I am at the end of the my world calling out to You. You are my strength, my rock, my protection. You gave me these verses long ago when I needed them and they have stuck with me all these years. Thank You for providing them. You bring them back to me every time I need them. 

I long for your presence--to be with you forever. It seems I've prayed a million times, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus." I want the peace of Your presence--the joy of having my last tear wiped away and being in Your house for all of eternity.

You heard my prayer all those years ago as a small child and accepted me. Thank You--thank You for making me Yours. Thank You for the beautiful heritage that comes from being adopted into Your heavenly family.

You call me to pray for those in leadership over me. I pray for our president. I pray that he will make decisions for our country that will glorify You. I pray that you will protect his life, send Your love and faithfulness to fill his life and home. Draw his heart to Yours.

I will sing praises to You all the days of my life. I will continue to follow You and fulfill my promises to You all the days of my life.

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