Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vehicle to Freedom

I hadn't realized how much I used my laptop until it became unreliable. It is my outlet to connecting with friends and family. It is my research center--I spend so much time researching ideas, products, etc. I journal my Bible studies in here. My grocery lists are created in OneNote. I communicate with Ralph via Google Messenger and e-mail (while in the same house). I organize my photos in here. I am taking an on-line class that I use my laptop for. Most of my recipes are organized in OneNote and I am constantly looking for new recipes on food blogs, Recipezaar, etc. It seems that I do not do much without it. In some ways it has been a freeing break, in other ways an isolating one. Either way, I am thrilled with my new one. It's beautiful, fast and reliable! Here's some memories from opening it up (forgive my hair--I had an AM and PM workout scheduled and doing my hair in between seemed silly).

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