Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A "New" House

Okay, so I have my new laptop and my technology hiatus can be over!! The freedom I now feel is amazing! Hee, hee. I am so behind on blogs I may never catch up! For you, my friends, forgive me if I ask about things you may have blogged about but I think I am going to clear my Google Reader and start fresh.

My mom came out in March to help me with Nugget while Ralph was in IA on a missions trip with our HC. The day Ralph was to come home Mom and I decided the house needed some refreshing and we completely flipped the living room and dining room. It was so much fun! Some of my best childhood memories are of the house in complete uproar because of "remodeling"/changing everyone's rooms around. Sometimes even paint was too much money and we needed a change but rearranging furniture was free! Just like the best things in life. :) I must say I love my "new" house! Here are the before and after shots of our "remodel."

Living Room beforeDSC_0002DSC_0001

Now the dining roomDSC_0017DSC_0020

Dining room beforeDSC_0004DSC_0003

Now the living roomDSC_0019DSC_0018


  1. Stacie,
    I love the new arrangment. I like the couch color with the green walls! I used to rearrange my rooms all the time...it's somewhat refreshing to have a "new" space.