Friday, May 22, 2009

Laughter is an abs workout, right?

Amanda and I have been getting together for a while now in the afternoons to walk the dogs. Well, recently we decided to add some strength training for ourselves. We've only done a couple days and we're using the book, Fashionally Buff. The author, Sue Fleming, also put together the book Buff Brides that helped me get in the best shape of my life for my wedding. I remembered the work outs as challenging but doable.

W-e-l-l, let me tell you about the ab work out Amanda and I tried to accomplish yesterday. We tried, I promise we did! I'm just not sure these were doable for two normal, not super athletic girls! The first one was called "Fitness Ball Ab Pull/Push-up Combination Move". You can see trouble brewing can't you! We had to get in plank position with our feet and ankles up on the fitness ball. We were then told to pull the ball in toward our chest then push it back out--like it was that simple. Forget about maintaining balance, the ball rolling from side to side and back away from you. You know, things like that. THEN we were supposed to do a push-up. While. On. The. Ball. See about 2 sentances back for how that went. There was much falling and much laughing. Laughing is good, works the abs. Working the abs is our goal for the day. We are right on track.

We thought, ok, one bad one. We can do the rest of these. Then we turned the page. (Right now I'm sure you're thinking, "You didn't look at these before you started! Are you crazy?!" I think you have your answer.) The next one is entitled "Ball Pike." Picture a downward dog pose from yoga but instead of your feet on the floor they're up on the ball! Ahhhh! Again, much falling, much laughing. We ended up modifying a bit and used a chair instead of the ball.

But back to my point: laughter is an abs workout right? Therefore, we declared "mission accomplished!"

Our sentiments exactly!522


  1. Just caught up on the past few posts! Don't you love the first tast of new foods? Always good for a laugh! And I like how you rearranged the house!

  2. Stacie I loved it. You should have been a writer. Grandpa and I had a good laugh!!

  3. I use the ball to work out, but I've never seen THOSE exercises! WOW! I'd try them but I would probably fall off the ball and hurt myself...