Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ralph!

April 2009-2 012

Today is my husband's 37th birthday. I am so thankful for him!

He is a wonderful father to our daughter. She lights up whenever he comes into her view. He always takes time out of his day to play with her. He can make a game out of any activity! He is already reading Scripture with her. Nothing melts my heart faster than my little girl learning about her Heavenly Father from her daddy.

Ralph still gets up with me before work at 4:30 am. He makes me my coffee drink of choice, a breakfast smoothie or breakfast and then drives me to work. He will have already packed my lunch the night before. He cares for Nugget and puts in a full day of work all at the same time. Then he comes to pick me up, drive me home and make dinner for us. Quite often he will have also tried to pick up the house if I didn't get to it on one of my day's off.

Both last summer and this summer, instead of taking a family vacation somewhere new or out West (our favorite!) he has chosen to take us home to MN. It is so special for me to be able to spend extended times at "home" with my family and showing Ralph the beautiful state I grew up in. We are especially excited to share that time with Nugget this year.

Ralph is such a creative, caring man! I feel very blessed to be his wife. He hangs in there when my memory flees me, when I'm too tired to see straight and when I'm just plain crazy! Join with me in wishing my wonderful man a very happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Ralph...wish we were there to celebrate with you. We are still at Rick's and are leaving tomorrow to head to Todd and Kim's. Hope your day is special like you Ralph!!

  2. Happy Birthday Ralph!!!So thankful for you and all you do, we are blessed to have you in our family!!!!