Tuesday, March 03, 2009


What do you rejoice in? I have been working on memorizing Psalm 119. It will probably take me over a year to get there but that's ok. February I memorized verses 9-16. Verse 14 really stuck out to me. "I rejoice in following your statutes as one rejoices in great riches." That's a whole lot of rejoicing. I don't think it ever occurred to me to rejoice that way. It's been sticking in my head. Maybe it wouldn't be so hard at times to do what we know we should if we took the time to rejoice in doing it. Too often I think we focus on how hard it is to fight our sin nature instead of rejoicing in following Christ. Why is that? In some ways, I feel like I should just do what is right and that celebrating it wouldn't be. But as I've been pondering this verse, it's been changing how I think. We celebrate with children when they do what we want--prizes for potty training, when they stop sucking their thumbs, etc. I wonder if we started celebrating our relationship with Christ more if we'd be better off. Anyway, it's a verse that's sticking with me. What have you been meditating on recently?


  1. Great thoughts! We just studied those very verses this last summer at CYIA. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking a lot on wisdom lately and so have been reading through Proverbs.

  2. Thank't Stacie...it made us stop and think.
    Stacie we need some picture's of Arwen!!

  3. Thank you Stacie, good for you in memorizing Psalm 119! You are right we need to rejoice more in the privilidge we have in walking with Christ in our daily lives instead of on how hard it is at times!! I have been thinking a lot lately on what it means to be truly self-LESS.Putting aside my desires for how "I" think life should play our verses what God would have me to do.Thanks again Stace, love ya