Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Precious Moments


I love being a mom. Every day I feel so blessed to see her little face smiling up at me. Being a working mom has some challenges--mainly lack of sleep. Nugget and I have a great routine on my days off. On the days that I work, it doesn't go so well. It usually involves me being up until 11, feeding her around 2 or so and then getting up at 4. Recently, I worked three in a row and was feeling extremely exhausted. The fall asleep while sitting straight up kind of tired. We headed up to bed where I was hoping we would actually get some sleep. She started fussing as she had the past three nights. I reached my hand out and her little hands grabbed mine. She stopped fussing and fell asleep holding my hand. It was very sweet. Those are the precious moments I love. There is nothing better.



  1. Such a miracle isn't it?Those moments NEVER get old,what a wonderful God and so blessed to be a mom!!You are a great one!

  2. Ohh! She's a sweetie! Hope you get to have a lot more hand holding sessions!

  3. Such sweet pics, I try to soak it all in daily it goes so fast!!