Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Labor Day 2008

I found some terrific Labor Day food ideas on Hostess with the Mostess! She linked to some great recipes on Epicurious. Here are my versions of the recipes!

DSC_0283DSC_0289 Turkey Burgers with Tomato Jam, Olives and Feta I actually made them into sliders to help with portion control. Love the tomato jam!

DSC_0288 Salt and Pepper Oven Fries These we actually "baked" on the grill and I did not have time to go hunting for the Japanese seasoning so I just used a Mexican blend I had on hand. They were great!

DSC_0286 My version of a red, white and blue table scape using what I had on hand.

DSC_0290 The fam ready to eat!

DSC_0287 My version of Cupcake Burgers. I used a Better Homes and Gardens recipe for the cupcakes and a Nigella Lawson recipe for the brownie burger part. :) So yummy!


  1. Cupcake Hamburgers?! That is a pregnancy dream!! I want to make those with the girls, they would love them!! Hope you are feeling well!

  2. What a great looking meal!!! Those cupcakes are adorable!!!

  3. Stacie I can't believe you. You made me hungry just looking at it. Too bad you are not my neigbor!! Have fun as you won't have as much time when that baby comes. We can hardly wait.