Monday, June 23, 2008

No, You are NOT Hallucinating

Yes, I am really posting. I am just here to say I was inspired at SheSpeaks! I WILL be posting more soon. Look for one on Wednesday. I was not a bright girl and went to a great conference (over 7 hours from home) and then DID NOT take off the next day. Today was CRAZY! Must sleep and eat chocolate ice cream. Thankfully, I have a husband who understands a crazy day at work is worse when one is pregnant and more exhausted than normal--chocolate ice cream is on its way! See you on Wednesday!

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  1. Hey Stacie,

    I'm a fellow SheSpeaks sistah but I don't think we met :/. Right now I'm trying to reach everyone to let 'em know about an upcoming writing opp for an online magazine.

    IF you're interested, please visit my blog or drop me an email.

    (And I was exhausted and did NOT go to work the day after I got back....Nor am I pregnant! Yes ma'am, chocolate ice cream WAS in order!!!)