Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorry For My Absence

Here are a few picture updates of what I've been up to.

Enjoying Spring blooms.

Playing with old friends

Celebrating Grandma's birthday with family.


Playing in California


  1. Fantastic haircut! You look great!
    Tell us more about your California trip.
    Love, Sara

  2. Love the new hair cut!! Your hair had gotten very long. That looked nice as well (: Yes it had been a while since you blogged, fun to see an update

  3. Nice hair cut. Hope you had fun in California. It is good to see you are still alive and well.

  4. LOVE the haircut, looks super cute!! I suppose I should blog sometime in my life!:0)

  5. Love the new hair! Very cute!

  6. Stacie you always look so cute in short nice. The picture of you and Ralph at the ocean made me want to go!!

  7. Cute hair! I don't know how you and Kim can both look so much like your mom, but not so much like each other. :)

  8. TOTALLY love that hair cut.

    Note to self, get some strands trimmed before She Speaks.

    Looking forward to meeting you at She Speaks!!!

  9.'s been awhile since I looked on your blog... didn't even know you were pregnant. Congrats! Babies are so much fun! :) Good to catch up on your pics.

  10. Hey :),

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